Medieval Methil

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Medieval Methil Website URL


As a previous active member of Medieval Methil, I wanted to analyse the site of my troup.


Navigation is very simple and easy. There are only 3 web pages to navigate to. At the top right of the home page are the only 3 menu options of: Home, Members and Contact us.

All 3 menus are on each page so it’s impossible to get lost.

Logos and Design

Medieval design Logos have been placed on the site for visual effect. The home page has a black and white crucifix which also could be the design of a warrior’s shield.

The contact us page has an interesting celtic or pictish design logo separating two columns of text.

Page Layout

The text on the home page is well spaced out, the first line has the words “Welcome Traveller!” so this immediately puts the visitor at ease.   Next to the welcome message is the menu system is easily visible at the top right of the home page.

A Bullet point column at the lower left hand side of the home page clearly lists what the group actually specialises in.

The contact page makes it very easy for the viewer to find out the email address and phone numbers if they with to find out more information.

There are a few one line quotes on the home page such as “may you live in interesting times” which are just as enticing as placing another photo or logo


Photography has been used to illustrate the themes and activities of the group with a photograph of a medieval ruined abbey prominent on the home page. The members page has 6 photographs which clearly show some of the members and their re enactment costumes.

Typography & Design

The background layer has been made to look like old medieval parchment paper and complements the aims of the site well. The typography is in red and black ink which stands out well against the parchment layer. Medieval typography in red has been placed as the main title of the page so that the viewer can clearly see the name of the troup.


The site does not respond when the window size is changed and does not adapt for mobile devices.

There are no widgets for links to social media sites. There are social media pages for the group so perhaps one area of improvement would be to have links to Facebook, Twitter and Flikr.

Target Market

This site is very suitable for those it it trying to target which would be new members or any members of the public who would like to take part in any of the Medieval Methil events.  It’s medieval design would appeal to those interested in medieval history and re enactment  activities


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