Glass Bullet Productions

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Glass Bullet Productions


For my 3rd and final website analysis, I have chosen the website of Glass Bullet Video Productions in Glenrothes as it run by two of my good colleagues and I occasionally freelance for them as a Cameraman.



 This site is quite simple and navigation is straightforward. The Welcome / Home page is the main icon to select to get back to the start. The main menu bar at the top of the screen is present on every page.

This is a 6 page site with menu options of Media Services, Featured work, and a Contact us page.

Layout & Design

Each Page has one or more paragraphs of text with explanations of the services provided, accompanied by either videos linked from Youtube and or photograph thumbnails with images from the various productions that have been filmed by the company.

Use of still imagery has been included to provide effective and attractive visual aids that reinforce the variety and scale of the diverse video productions glass bullet media have carried out over the last 10 years.

The website has the company logo which is professional looking and most of the text typography has been kept simple.

In the client portfolio section, glass bullet have chosen to display as many of their client’s logos as possible which is an effective way of promoting their clients as well as themselves as it shows their level of high profile clientele.

Choice of a light grey background makes reading the text very easy to read.

The home page has an image of a video camera zoom lens in the top right corner which again reinforces the message of what the company is all about.

There is a map of Scotland on the contact us page which effectively shows where the company is based in Glenrothes which is useful for potential clients who live south of the border.


The site will not adapt to changing the window size however it will resize itself for mobile tablet devices.

The site has some interactive capability as the contact us section has a facility for the user to send them an email enquiry which is provided as a screen fill out form.

Social Media Integration

 Glass bullet have given social media links priority, as the icon links to twitter, facebook and linkedin are on the homepage top right corner, so it’s hard to miss them.

Target Audience

This site does the company credit as it conveys exactly the information that potential clients would want find out more about.

The site does not overload the user with too much information and there is a good of balance between text and imagery and videos. This is a simple site which explains very clearly and simply what is on offer from the very established Fife based Video Production Company.


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